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Essential Oils – 100 Pads

Essential Oils – 100 Pads


100 PADS

A proprietary blend of 10 plant oils and extracts to promote honey bee health.  The unique wicking material is 100% cotton.  Apply while bees are active.  DO NOT apply with honey supers on!  Warm to at least 80 degrees before applying.


100 PADS

Essential Oil Application Tips:

  • Easy application
  • 4-5 applications needed throughout year
  • Best used when bees are active
  • Best applied between brood chambers
  • Works well when placed on top of brood box with 3/4″ space on lid
  • Don’t use with honey supers on
  • Please use standard precautions with use

Personal Observations:

  • Using essential oils over 12 years
  • 3 years using “Bee” Botanical exclusively
  • Product is well tolerated
  • Improved brood patterns
  • Increased brood
  • Reduction in mite levels
  • Reduction in DWV
  • Calming effect
  • No AFB 2011-15

“Bee” Botanical Essential Oil Supplement is a proprietary blend of 10 plant oils and extracts. Honey Bees have been exposed to plant oil and extracts for millions of years. Plant oils and extracts are essential when the honey bee creates propolis. Propolis consists of resins, waxes, pollen and essential oils. This mixture is crucial in helping to aid the colony from unwanted pathogens, a form of self medication. The honey bee seals cracks or openings in the colony with this mixture, and also creates a layer on the whole colony. The mixture that a honey bee creates is beneficial as it is known to have antimicrobial properties.

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